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de Graaf, John

John is the national coordinator of Take Back Your Time Day, an annual event scheduled for October 24th. He is an author frequent speaker on issues of overwork and over-consumption in America. His writings include Affluenza: The All Consuming Epidemic and the children’s book, David Brower: Friend of the Earth.

John has worked with the Seattle PBS affiliate for 23 years and is an independent producer of television documentaries. He is the recipient of more then 100 regional, national and international awards for film-making. His productions include, Running Out of Time, For the Earth’s sake: The Life and Times of David Brower, Escape from Affluenza, It’s Up To Us: The Giraffe Project, Circle of Plenty, Silent Killer: The Unfinished Campaign Against Hunger, and Buyer, Be Fair: The Promise of Production Certification.

Prior to his work in TV, John was the Public Affairs Director for KUMD Radio in Duluth, MN. He has taught documentary film production at the University of Washington and was the Evans Chair Scholar at The Evergreen State College, where this fall he will teach a course called Take Back Your Time. He is the founder of the Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival and former president of the Hazel Worl Environmental Film Network. He is co-chair of the Public Policy Committee for the Simplicity Forum, a national think tank for the Voluntary Simplicity movement. He lives in Seattle, WA.

(Bio from summer 2005)

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