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McGinnis, Jim and Kathy

Jim has an MA in Philosophy from the Catholic University of America and a Ph.D. in Philosophy (Ethics) from St. Louis University with a dissertation on Gandhi's understanding of freedom and nonviolence. Jim was on the faculty of Kenrick Seminary, Seaattle University SUMORE Program, Loyoa University Institue for Pastoral Ministry Program, St. Louis University and Adjunct Professor of Christian Education at Eden Theological Seminary.

Jim and Kathy co-founded the Institute for Peace and Justice in St. Louis, Missouri and many other national and international organizations dedicated to non-violence and peace initiatives. They authored books and support materials for educating children, teens and families.

Kathleen is a former high school and junior high school teacher. She is executive director of the Institute for Peace and Justice and co-founding coordinator for the Parenting for Peace and Justice Network.

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