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Wedum, Neal and Travis Houle

Neal is a native Montanan who has spent the majority of his life hiking, running, rangering, and campground hosting in Glacier National Park. His passion for Glacier has led him to seek where his soul and spirit lie within its million acres. He is a career educator of forty-five years as teacher, administrator and consultant. Neal is a member of the Montana Synod Council of the ELCA and on its Executive Committee. Additionally, he has passionately pursued promoting awareness of the effects of historical trauma on our American Natives.

Travis graduated from Luther College with a degree in Environmental Science and Biology. While there, his studies and research largely focused on the intersection of earth, life, and human systems. His research explored how our climate has changed over the past five million years, how species are currently adapting to changing oceans, climate, and ecosystems, and how communities in rural China are responding to rapid urbanization and environmental change.

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