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Suomala, Karla

Karla Suomala learned about Facebook this year, and is now only able to describe herself in terms of one-line status updates.

• KRS enjoys being a professor at Luther College in Decorah, IA, especially when she’s on sabbatical. Which she is. For a year.
• KRS can’t believe she let her 7-year old son Dawit get his ear pierced. And maybe even encouraged it. He looks so cute!
• KRS likes to run and do yoga, but her most physically demanding exercise comes when braiding daughter Meheret’s (3) hair. Turn, dodge, to the right, down, over, other side. For two hours.
• KRS has been reading lots of Swedish murder mysteries this summer. Stieg Larsson and Henning Mankell are great.
• KRS was surprised to wake up in Yakima, WA, on July 21 to find her husband David’s picture on the front page. His sabbatical project is exciting. Hers involves a lot of verb-chasing.
• KRS was shocked as she drove through North Dakota: it was beautiful.
• KRS is interested in ideologies/theologies of change and reform in the Bible. She also can’t seem to part company with Moses, the hero of her long-ago dissertation. She’s thinking there might be more to say about him.
• KRS thinks a perfect meal might be chilled Columbia Crest chardonnay, steamed Yakima asparagus, and Kraft macaroni and cheese.
• KRS loves her iPod touch. She got in February when she informed her husband that it was his gift to her.
• KRS wonders if it’s cool to be on Facebook now that her mother and all of her retired aunts want to be her Facebook Friends.

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